Karina's Piano Lessons - Professional Piano Lessons
About Karina

Hello, my name is Karina Mamikonyan.  Thank you for visiting my website and taking a few minutes to share in my love for music, primarily classical music. 
I am a professional pianist and a teacher by education and mission.  Music is my life and my love.

I am a graduate of the Moscow International Academy of Music.  I was fortunate to study with the best teachers, talented, and renowned musicians. I studied piano, music theory, music history, ensemble, and chorus according to the Russian style of music education. 

In addition to working as a concert master, I have worked as a teacher for over 30 years.  I am fiercely dedicated to my students and I am honored to report that the majority of them regularly go to pursue music as undergraduates as well as  participate in a of variety recitals, auditions, and festivals.

I look forward to meeting fellow piano enthusiasts and spreading the joy of piano playing to new students.

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